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Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that was created by Markus "Notch" Persson and developed by Mojang Studios. It was first released to the public in May 2009 and officially launched in November 2011 and has since become one of the most successful video games of all time. In Minecraft, players can explore a vast, block-like world and build structures, create artwork, and engage in a variety of other activities.

The game is set in a procedurally generated world of blocks representing various materials, such as dirt, stone, and water. Players can use these blocks to build structures, create artwork, and craft a variety of tools and weapons. The game also features a variety of creatures, including animals and monsters, that players can interact with.

Minecraft has been praised for its creative and open-ended gameplay and its strong community of players and modders who have created thousands of custom mods and other content for the game. It has been translated into many different languages and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

During the game's early years, it gained popularity and people began translating the game into different languages. The first translations were done in Russian and Spanish, but more languages were eventually added.

In 2012, I and a small group attempted to translate the game into Hebrew.
The project was on and off until 2017, when Mojang started a formal localization project for the game.
This allowed for better collaboration and improvement of the Hebrew localization.
A small group of people and I currently maintain and update the Minecraft Hebrew language for everyone!


All the Minecraft localization project contributes


- My name is Yali
- Huge Minecraft fan that loves translating.
- Add me on Discord --> Yahlito#4445
Currant active member of the project

Itay V

Have a question?
Wanna chat or just hang out?
I am a nice guy, contact me on Discord - koko#1394

Translated more hen 13K
strings to Hebrew

tuval ben-ami

Translated 570 lines of the Minecraft localization project

Or Schwarz

Translating to Hebrew.
Translated more than 300 strings to Hebrew in the Minecraft localization project


No, our team worked on the Minecraft localization project for the Israeli community without any financial gain.
We did it entirely for free out of a desire to improve the game for the community.

I created a list to acknowledge and thank all the translators who have contributed to the localization of Minecraft by constantly updating and improving the translations.
These individuals have played a crucial role in ensuring that players around the Israeli community can enjoy the game in Hebrew.

As an early member of the localization team, I was responsible for translating all the strings for the 1.6 - 1.8 versions of Minecraft.
I worked with a team of other translators and we divided the work among ourselves.
However, I was not always actively involved in the project due to the decline in the popularity of the game at that time.

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