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The Stay Hydrated Hebrew Localization

If you're constantly on the go and have trouble remembering to stay hydrated, this app is for you!
Set yourself a daily water intake goal and track your progress as you drink.
Smart notifications will remind you to stay on track and postpone reminders if you're meeting your goal.
This app is designed to help you make drinking water a regular habit, so you can stay healthy and hydrated no matter how busy your life gets. Try it out today and start feeling the benefits of staying hydrated!

As a member of the localization team for the "Stay Hydrated" app, I have played a key role in translating the app into Hebrew.

In addition to my translation work, I have also been involved in testing the Hebrew version of the app to ensure its quality and usability.
This has involved using the app on a daily basis and providing feedback on any issues or concerns that arise.
Through my efforts, I have helped make the "Stay Hydrated" app accessible to Hebrew speakers and improved the user experience for the Israeli community.

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