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All The Open Source Projects That I Contributed To

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ItemsAdder is A Minecraft Server Plugins Witch Allows
To Bypass Minecraft limitations


AMP (Application Management Panel) is a simple to use and easy to install the control panel and management system for hosting game servers.

By MrMicky & SkyWarZzeur

Azuriom is a modern, reliable, fast, and secure gaming CMS. It's the ideal choice for your website on Minecraft, Garry's Mod, Rust, Ark, and many others games.

Volmit Software 

Adapt is A Minecraft Server Plugin that adds leveling and skills that fit effortlessly to enhance a Minecraft player's experience!

Volmit Software 

Adapt is A Minecraft Server Plugin that allows you create A Beautiful, Incredibly fast, fully customizable world generator. Create your dimensions!

PlayIT Cloud is a global proxy that allows you to host a server without port forwarding

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