Diverse professional projects in tech, security, and gaming

Localization Projects

Localization is the proficient process of
adapting an application or product to your local language
Minecraft Logo
Minecraft Java Edition

Minecraft Java Edition is a sandbox game where players explore, build, craft, and survive in a procedurally generated world made of blocks.


Lunacy by Icons8 is a free, cross-platform graphic design software for creating and editing vectors, illustrations, and UIs.

Be My Eyes iOS
Be My Eyes

e My Eyes is a free app that helps blind and low-vision people see the world through a live video call with a sighted volunteer.

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Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated is a mobile app that helps users track their water intake and stay hydrated throughout the day.

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Crowdin is a localization management platform that helps businesses translate their products and content into multiple languages.

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ItemsAdder is a Minecraft Java Edition plugin that allows players to add custom items, blocks, mobs, and more to the game.

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Azuriom is a free and open-source game CMS that supports a variety of games

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OBS is a free and open-source screen recording and live streaming software.

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iFixit is a free online repair manual and community that helps people fix their stuff.

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LuckPerms is a Minecraft Java Edition plugin that allows server administrators to create and manage player permissions.

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Rust is a multiplayer survival game where players must scavenge for resources, build structures, and defend themselves from other players and the environment.

ESX Framework

ESX Framework is a popular open-source framework for FiveM that provides a foundation for building RP servers

Open Source Projects

Notable open-source projects that I have contributed to
Uptime Kuma
Uptime Kuma

Uptime Kuma is a free and open-source self-hosted monitoring tool

Umami JS
Unami JS

Umami JS is a simple, fast, privacy-focused web analytics library built with JavaScript


Mattermost is a self-hosted, open-source team communication platform with chat, voice, and video calls