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My life is a whirlwind of diverse roles, keeping me engaged around the clock.

In the light of day, I'm at the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and everything else is classified :)

As dusk settles, I transition into the role of CISO at AiDock Ltd.
Here, my primary directive is to fortify digital fortresses and ensure ironclad cybersecurity protocols.

Under the cover of night, I proudly assume the mantle of CTO at IMS - Network,
spearheading technological innovations and shaping the future of digital gaming experiences.

Even during those rare moments of respite,
I immerse myself in the world of open-source projects and nurture my brand, "DF".

My journey thus far is a testament to my unwavering dedication to these realms,
forever prepared to tackle the challenges ahead, regardless of the hour.

But that's not all—beyond my professional commitments, I serve as the Chairman of the Israeli Gaming Association, advocating for the advancement of gaming culture and community nationwide.
Additionally, I volunteer as the CTO at TeGriAi -
the largest gaming community in Israel, boasting a 230K members.


Stand With Us
Stand With The Truth 

What I Do?



ZTNA Security


OSS Projects

Community Management 

Beta Testing


Cloud Architecture

My Work

IMS - Network
Gaming Israel platform
AiDock LTD
Iron Swords War

What Is DF?


Is a shortcut for my name, David Furman.

My name's David Furman, but some people call me thefourCraft.
I've been using this stage name since 2008, and I must say, it's grown on me.
So, whether you call me David or thefourCraft, know I'm the man to see for all your DevOps needs.